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How much will my treatment cost?

An initial herbal consultation costs £45, follow ups are £30. Herbal medicines vary from £9-12 per week, depending on the prescription. After the initial assessment you will be asked to come back for a review within 2-4 weeks. Subsequent follow ups will depend on the progression of the condition. Although help and advice will always be available, Clare aims to empower patients to be responsible for their own health so visits are kept to a minimum and treatment is kept affordable.

How long does herbal treatment take?

This depends on the individual patient, and the condition. Some symptoms resolve themselves in just days or weeks, while others take much longer. As a general rule, the longer the illness has been present, the longer it will take to resolve. Also, children and young patients tend to heal more quickly than older people as their metabolism is faster. 

How quickly do herbal medicines work?

Herbs begin working as soon as they are taken, but it can be a few days before the effects are felt. Usually some changes are noticeable within 2 weeks of starting treatment. However, true healing takes time, and often involves some changes to diet and lifestyle to make a lasting improvement. Herbs have a reputation for acting slowly, but this is because of the kinds of conditions that herbalists are usually asked to treat. These are typically chronic and deep-seated, and can follow months or years of unsuccessful conventional treatment.

Can I take herbs alongside conventional medication?

Yes, although some herbs can interact with drugs, herbalists are trained to recognise potential interactions and prescribe accordingly.


Are herbs safe?

Traditional herbal medicine uses high quality whole plant medicines, rather than standardised extracts so side effects are uncommon. Herbal medicine practiced by professionals represents one of the safest and most effective therapies available. We prescribe plants with a long history of safe use. It is important however to inform Clare of your other medications, general health and if you become pregnant during treatment.

How do I take my herbs?

All the instructions for taking your medicines will be clearly written on the container. If you are prescribed a tincture, it will come with a dosing cup which has graded lines on the side. Please be careful to measure the right amount as some herbs should not be taken in high doses. A main mix will often be taken before a meal but some will be taken after depending on the medicine. Herb teas come in loose form and can be made with a metal tea ball, t-sac, cafetiere or teapot. Sleep medicines are usually taken at night and external preparations as needed or twice daily. 

Where should I store my herbs?

Tinctures are preserved with alcohol and are dispensed in dark glass or plastic bottles. They can be kept at room temperature away from heat and direct sunlight. Creams and ointments can be treated in the same way. Dried herbs for brewing herbal tea come in compostable window bags and can be stored in a cool dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

Can I drive while taking my herbs?

If taken as prescribed, the small amount of alcohol in your tincture should not be above the legal drink drive limit. Some herbs are sedating and hypnotic but do not ‘knock you out’ or affect driving or operating machinery in the way that some drugs do.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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