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Clare has helped hundreds of people find wellness over the past decade. Here is a selection of comments from patients who have received treatment:

"As a 45 year old peri-menopausal woman with low energy, anaemia, menorrhagia and fibroids, I turned to herbal medicine. Clare’s caring and friendly attitude immediately put me at ease and now, 9 months on, I am really feeling the benefits of her medicine and guidance. Clare gives a lot of time and effort, altering my medicine as required and providing ongoing support. I feel very supported by her commitment and enthusiasm to my welfare and her knowledge of plants and their benefits is inspiring. Clare’s herbal teas are amazing – visitors ask for their favourite and when I have a group of friends over, Clare’s teas always feature and are a focal point. The lovely packaging means that they make great presents too".


"I am very grateful for my consultations with West Highland Herbal. Clare is a sympathetic person to talk to about anxiety and other problems and gave her full attention to me as a patient." 

"I consulted Clare initially because of labrynthitis. There were also some other long-term problems which were apparently all connected. Clare's medicine has relieved me of a lot of gastric irritation, I have lowered the amount of my asthma medication and she has given me advice on diet which has given me confidence in ongoing improvement in health and digestion".

"Many thanks for suggesting your Marvellous Mineral Tea for my problems and for the herbal massage cream which often removes the 'un-' from unbearable aches and pains. I am really grateful for you taking the time to work with me".

"I suffer from multiple drug intolerance due to the over-handling of antibiotics during my career as a fish farmer. I saw Clare a year ago due to a prostate problem. I had been taking shop bought herbal tablets which worked initially but became less effective after 5-6 months. Clare prescribed capsules suited to my specific problem which have been able to be modified as required. These have worked, and still do, very well. Then three months ago I had a quadruple heart bypass.  The operation was a great success but I suffered bad digestive disorders due to the drugs I was prescribed in hospital. In agreement with my GP, I saw Clare who prescribed a tincture to be taken after each meal. This tincture not only gives me the cardiac support I require, but has also completely settled my digestive problems, with no side effects. My family and friends all now say how much better I look. Clare’s support and back-up has been marvellous, and as I recover daily from my operation, I look to the future, with peace of mind, knowing her services are there. Thank you".
- D.W.

"I consulted Clare primarily for the chronic IBS symptoms I have suffered off and on with all my adult life. In addition, my being of an age when the menopause is imminent I also secondarily sought her advice on herbs to prepare and support me at this time of life.
I found the herbal preparation made a difference to my IBS symptoms almost immediately and when I ran out of it the cramps, bloating and general unwell feelings returned. Having been through various other options it takes me a while to be convinced that something is working but now on my 3rd cycle of herbs I can say that this has really helped. In addition I am more aware of what I eat lately and how that is not always working well for me and the resistance that my old habits put out to limit my health.
I recognise that Clare's Herbal treatment really works because it is not a quick fix to mask the symptoms but that it addresses the whole self on all the different levels too"
- V.C.

"I initially requested Clare's services for massage due to ongoing low back pain which I have had for many years. After speaking to Clare during my first massage appointment she suggested that I should consider coming for herbal treatment as well. I suffer from Crohn's disease as well as a number of other niggling health problems such as low energy, joint pain and cystitis. After several weeks of massage my back was feeling better than it had for years although sometimes it can still flare up for time to time. Clare prescribed a herbal tea and gave me lots of advice to help with the Crohn's and I have managed to gradually come off the steroids which I was taking to control this with Clare's support. Many of my other problems have since cleared up and although the Crohn's can still trouble me from time to time, I am managing a lot better now with Clare's help and support".

I have recently had two full body massages and Herbal treatment from Clare Holohan. I’m 51 years of age and I’ve never had a professional massage in my life before, until about two weeks ago when I contacted Clare . Given the fact that I’ve never had a massage before and the current COVID-19 restrictions, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was completely blown away by the service I had! Firstly, the precautions that were taken against transmission of Coronavirus were pretty comprehensive, to say the least. Wearing full PPE, looking more prepared to carry out major surgery than a massage, Clare was certainly ready. The couch had been prepared using disposable covers and with no soft furnishings around the head area, just a pillow for under my ankles, with a towel to cover me. It was certainly extremely comfortable and to my mind presented very little or no risk of any infection transmission.
Although a little apprehensive, possibly even a little nervous at first, this feeling soon dissipated and before I knew it I was so relaxed. The after-results of the massage were long-lasting and left me feeling great in body and mind for days. I felt the tension simply drain away. Amazing!

A consummate professional, Clare was reassuring, gave valuable insights into how the various massage techniques worked and was also able to prescribe me with anti-inflammatory herbal remedies for a pain that I had in my shoulder and indeed some anti-fungal cream to treat my athletes foot. I’m happy to report that the athletes foot has completely cleared up within a week and the inflammation to my shoulder has greatly reduced.

I’ll certainly be using Clare’s services on a regular basis from now on as the benefits to mental health as well as physical are undeniable, from my perspective. I'm one absolutely delighted customer and a complete convert who will be breaching the benefits of herbal remedies and massage to others from now on.
Clare deserves recognition at the highest level. Too many people complain about things not being right but don’t take time to offer compliments when good works are done.

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